Who We Are

偷拍久久国产视频 色姐妹插姐姐Owls expect more than the status quo. We desire purpose, meaning, and inspiration. We recognize opportunity, we work hard, and we care deeply about building relationships and sparking change.

偷拍久久国产视频 色姐妹插姐姐Good enough? Not so fast.

A true Owl always expects more.偷拍久久国产视频 色姐妹插姐姐 We’re driven by growth, inspired by learning, and dare to dream big. We seek out possibilities and work together to overcome life’s tests. That is why we are here. That is why we're never grounded for long. We dare to choose more.

That is why we are Southern.


Expect More. Be More.



I am daring

Owls challenge themselves to expect more out of life. We dare to be more.

Sterling White


I am inspired

偷拍久久国产视频 色姐妹插姐姐Owls don’t just embrace creativity and innovation. We aspire to it. We live it.

Woman painting


I am connected

We care deeply about community. Once an Owl takes you under their wing, you know you're an Owl for life.

Students volunteering at Day of Service


I am driven

偷拍久久国产视频 色姐妹插姐姐“Good enough” is never good enough. Owls raise the bar.